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Shaman in Beta Quality
April 16, 2008, 7:32 pm
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Hey 🙂
A few days ago we released the first beta of Shaman. It was the first time we posted and announced it in Archlinux’s official BBS:
Also we feature freezed it with this release and the next beta will come very soon 😉

Now we started to think about Shaman2, which will be a complete rewrite of it… Shaman2 will be plugin based, both GUI and backend 🙂 So it will be not only the Archlinux-Package-Manager but also the one of Kubuntu or SuSE probably 😉
By the way, we always like to welcome new Developers.

Things on KDEMod are going well too 🙂 We plan to develop a live-cd, some build-scripts are already there! Thanks to Dunkelstern for this. 🙂
Also we switched Arxin from Qt to KDELibs, to have a tighter KDE4-Integration. We plan to support Scripted-Modules through Kross soon.

Ok coming to KGet 😉
I got a lot of things done in my holidays, which are 2,5 weeks away now =/ After it I had some spare time to fix things and polish everything a bit. Currently I’m working on the Nepomuk-Integration, we already save some File-Properties to it in the SVN-Version, but Rating and Tagging was not yet supported. Hope that you all will enjoy that in the future 😉
I don’t think that Multisource-Downloading will be ready for 4.1, we had too less time to test things and to work on it and Manolo is pretty busy at the moment. 😦 But after it I’m sure we will have it integrated very well, at least with Metalink-Plugin, which will be the first Example using multiple Sources in the future.

So, enough for today, hope that I can blog a bit more the next days 😉



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Well, we really rule 😀

Comment by drfav

Great stuff! I just compared KGet in kde4 to the one in kde3 here the other day, and it was like night and day!

Comment by sandsmark

Naw, waste of time. We really don’t need just another package manager. Aren’t there like 521 already for linux? What a waste…

Comment by fish

Hello there! I have a question: Shaman2 will be something like PackageKit? If yes then I see no apparent reason why to start such thing.. What about to join forces and help with QPackageKit instead? No offense, just my 2 cents.. 🙂

Comment by NasaK

@NasaK: Shaman2 will support package-kit as u can easily write a plugin for that 🙂
@fish: no I don’t think there are many good package-manager frontends, at least not for alpm and not written in KDE/Qt, anyway, if there, please point me 😉

Ah and about QPackageKit: I don’t really like it, like Shaman more 😉

Comment by boom1992

You could just have adopted Adept, KPackage or Kynaptic or one of the many others and you know it. But linux distros love to waste their resources and start things all over again and again and again…oh well. :\

Comment by fish

The package tool on kubuntu ‘adept’ is one reason why I do not use kubuntu. Synaptic or smart are much better. So if Sharman provides a kde/qt tool better than those it is great step forward and probably good for kubuntu and other kde orientated distributions.

Comment by Matthias Pospiech

@fish: yes, we have to go to the history, Shaman was started as alpm-only, but KPackage and Adept were only for APT or other distributions package-managers… =( So it was a better idea to start from scratch instead of copying stuff, to that comes that I fully stand behind Matthias…


Comment by boom1992

What are your experiences with yast Qt version?

Comment by tonyt

I have not tested it yet, but I will look at some screenshots tomorrow… too late here for now 😉


Comment by boom1992

I really think adept > synaptic.

Shaman looks really great!
The problem with adept is that it could be way better/intuitive and it’s not even ported to kde4 (qt4) as far as i know; some devs where considering a full rewrite of it, but i think shaman2 will just do the job. Plugin support? Even better!

Comment by Dread Knight

Ok couldn’t resist, it’s cool, but not the big “hit” 😉 I like the much options, but the search-tab is bad imo =( users just want a quick option 😉


Comment by boom1992

I don’t think it’s a waste of time and I would love to have a good alternative for Adept (yeah, I love Kubuntu but I can’t stand this package manager neither…)


Comment by Heller

i know it is kind late, but it will be great if kget has his own proxy support independently from kde, i have it installed in windows xp and proxy is broken.

Comment by mimoune djouallah

@mimoune: Yes, that’s already on my todo-list, it was for 4.1 but noone worked on kde-wide proxy-support =( When we have that running, it will be easy to add some methods, that kget can use its own proxy-settings 🙂

@dread knight, heller: thx 🙂


Comment by boom1992

@mimoune: ok heard today that there is an SoC-Project 🙂

Comment by Lukas

For those complaining about Kubuntu not using Synaptic, do you realize Synaptic (and any other Ubuntu package) is just one apt-get away? Kubuntu is just a spin from the Ubuntu repositories.

Comment by Kevin Kofler

True, but I think most of the people want to have a real Qt/KDE-Application for that. Anyway, I think we can be better then Synaptic in the future… realize that we only developed Shaman for 3 Month now =) And we are close before the Final-Release…


Comment by boom1992

Yeah, I’m a Kubuntu user, and I love this idea to share the better app with other linux distri.

Merci beaucoup

Comment by mathojojo

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