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Scripted Arxin-Plugins and further Development in Shaman
May 23, 2008, 11:41 pm
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It has been a long time since the last Statusupdate from me. Sorry for that ;(

In this time happened very much:

In Arxin we have now scripted Plugins, thanks to Kross and the help of Sebastian Sauer. πŸ™‚

Both Locale- and Hardware-Plugins are scripted in Python. Here the obligatory Screenshot:

Arxin MainWindow with Hardware-Plugin

In Shaman we completed the Plasmoid to release it with Shaman 1.0. This and the Shaman-Runner are both depending on KDE 4.1 since there were major API-Changes and both Dario and me are using it as working System. Expect Beta3 soon πŸ˜‰

Also we began with the first Development steps of Shaman2. That means: API- and Library-Building, nothing to see yet πŸ˜‰

And now the best (or “Da bomb” like Dario and me are saying ;)): Shaman2 will be developed in KDE’s playground with the target Extragear. We are pretty amazed about that =)

As our Main-Backend will be PackageKit we got in contact with some Developers of QPackageKit/KPackageKit with the result, that both Frontends will use libqpackagetkit. This means good code sharing and a nice Qt-Styled-API for PackageKit.

In KGet I’ve worked on the Nepomuk-Integration, which is already in SVN, but waits for a fix in Nepomuk itself to get enabled.

Also I began hacking on Raptormenu. My pet-project inside of it is the Tom-Editor, here a Screenshot:

The current Tom-Editor, still work in Progress

(yes, I know, the default text rocks =))

So much for now I hope to see you soon again πŸ™‚



Liquidat asked what exactly the KGet-Nepomuk-Intergration does:

It saves File-Properties, which we already know to it and you can rate or tag the specific File inside the Context-Menu:

KGet\'s Nepomuk-Integration


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Great stuff!
Shaman, Arxin, KGet, RaptorMenu, the list just goes on with awesome stuff =D

(P.S.: Your images aren’t clickable.)

Comment by sandsmark

Hey πŸ˜€
Mmh I know about the Images, too lazy to fix it in this one πŸ˜›


Comment by boom1992

RMB -> View Image works πŸ™‚


Comment by bedahr

What exactly do you mean with kgetNepomuk integration? Can you shed some light on the details? Will kget save the origin or the history of a file inside of Nepomuk comments?

Comment by liquidat

Ok I updated the Post to show some more information about it πŸ™‚


Comment by boom1992

I suppose that kget nepomuk integration means that if you download a file via kget nepomuk will know (so you can do searches easily) where you got it, so for example you may look for every file downloaded from distrowatch Am I right?

Comment by Vide

it would be great if KGet could save the url of the downloaded file to Nepomuk too. That way you could search in Nepomuk “all pictures downloaded from url“. That was one of the goal of Nepomuk actually and it would be really nice to have πŸ™‚



Comment by Patcito

wouldn’t it be a little easier to understand if the menu item was named “rate & tag” and not “Semantic desktop”. I know what semantic desktop means, but do others? and is that even translatable?

Comment by vlad

very cool stuff, thanks for the updates!

Comment by Ant Bryan

Here’s a hint for you. Not everyone knows everything about every new thing in KDE4.

I’m a fairly new KDE3 user. What *is* Nepomunk?

Any post saying “X integration with Y” or whatever should start by clearly explaining what X and Y are. Assume the reader isn’t even a KDE user.

Comment by Nicolas

@Vide & Patcito: Sure that’s already implement…
@vlad: Mmh, I’m not sure, probably your idea is better, but we’re in String Freeze at the moment, so we can’t change it, but we need to keep it in mind for 4.2 πŸ™‚


Comment by boom1992

@Nicolas: πŸ™‚ That’s what I try to do, but it sometimes fails… :/



Comment by boom1992

[…] pare che sarΓ  possibile farne uso. So che vi state chiedendo in cosa tale integrazione consista: Lukas Appelhans risponde che adesso KGet assegna ai file scaricati varie proprietΓ  in automatico, e in piΓΉ Γ¨ […]

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