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Shaman Beta3 and some information about KGet’s Nepomuk-Integration
May 25, 2008, 1:10 pm
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Today only a small update from me:

We released Shaman Beta3 today, you can find the announcement here. There are already 64Bit-Packages in our KDEMod4-Repository, 32Bit-Packages will follow, when funkyou comes back. πŸ™‚

Also there has been a lot of interest in KGet’s Nepomuk-Integration the last day(s). I don’t think that the User-Visible-Part will go into 4.1 (cause we’re in String-Freeze, and some functionality is still missing). But I will enable the non User-Visible-Part for sure, that means: We’re saving the following Properties to Nepomuk:

*Original URL


and we add a Tag called “Downloads”



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“We’re saving the following Properties to Nepomuk:
*Original URL

Excellent – the first time I heard about Nepomuk, this was the first application of it to come to mind. Great to see that you are making it a reality πŸ™‚

Comment by Anon

great πŸ™‚

just a question about the “Downloads” tag : is this kind of tag translatable (at least after 4.1) ?

Comment by Heller

Idea: Also save the URL which linked to the file-URL (very often not the same host/provider), or as the file is often saved on a storage-provider with multiple click-through, save the last URL which led to the storage-provider-link (don’t know if information is needed what a storage provider is, but then it could also be defined by a (user defined) list with important ones: YSI, Zshare, Rapidshare,.. etc.)

Reason: This way you retain the knowledge which website led you to that file URL. This is often very precious information because sometimes a pure download URL is useless if you want to know where you got that file from, not where you can find it again.
Say you want to know which music blog you got that cool mp3 from (because the blog is probably also cool), or which site you found that that important pdf on (maybe you can find more docs on that topic on that site).

It just hope it’s technically possible to get the previous/original URL from history.

Comment by anon

@Heller: We can do this for 4.2 for sure, I wasn’t sure cause in Germany we say “Downloads” as well…

@anon: Cool idea, the problem: KGet does only know the one url, where the file lies on the Webserver, but I already talked with Sebastian Trueg about this: We will integrate it in Konqueror


Comment by boom1992

what about descriptions or other info from metalinks? πŸ™‚

Comment by Ant Bryan

I have yet to have explained what Nepomunk is.

Comment by Nicolas

@Ant: πŸ˜€ I will do that for 4.2, where we will also have MultisourceDownloading (hopefully =))…

@Nicolas: Nepomuk stores Metadata about a specific File. For example in KGet we save the Source-URL to it, the Size and a tag called “Downloads”, you can also Rate and Comment on the specific file. It is already a Freedesktop-Standard btw…


Comment by boom1992

At least one additional tag immediately sprung to my mind when I read this post: download date. So one could query, for example, all files downloaded last week.

Comment by Gusar

@Gusar: Mmh no idea if there is a Nepomuk-Property for this, but I will ask Sebastian… πŸ™‚ Good idea btw πŸ˜€


Comment by boom1992

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