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November 1, 2008, 5:32 pm
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Hey everyone!

It’s actually a lot of time since I wrote my last blog-entry here. 😦 Well what have I done?

I worked on a lot of things, which are mostly not ready yet…

One of the Projects is Shaman2, this is the current state of it:

Not much changed, but we have done a lot of things in the core-library… current I’m working on scripting support πŸ˜‰

KGet has been enhanced by some minor features, including Enabling/Disabling of Plugins and Hiding/Showing of columns in the TransfersView…

Another Project I am working on is Raptor. Alessandro has blogged about that already, but snce we are all kind of busy with other Projects and getting some things into KDE 4.2, Raptor is idling for some time now already… 😦

So far…



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It looks better than Adept if you ask me XD.

I’m a KDE fan, but Synaptic and the Add/Remove from GNOME are a lot better than Adept 😦

Comment by Luis

your name isn’t showing up in the planetkde feed. weird. it’s just using the title of your post as-is.

Comment by Chani

@Luis: Thanks, yeah KDE misses a good Package-Manager =/

@Chani: mmh no clue, the config-file of the planet seems right, but I will ping Riddel on it πŸ˜‰


Comment by boom1992

hmm your name is showing up in the feed here… Keep up the good work on Shaman (I’m a shaman user myself)

Comment by G2g591

oh I almost forgot to say… one thing that would be a nice feature would be an edit package build tool…. of course.. that wouldn’t fit other distributions or those with an abs checkout in a nonstandard location (but it may be workable to have a config section for that)

Comment by G2g591

@G2g591: Yeah the feed seems to be fixed for any reason now πŸ˜‰
Well we already had a Pkgbuild editor in Shaman1 and we will port that to Shaman2 I guess πŸ™‚


Comment by boom1992

Well, i think Adept kde4 version is better than kde3 version and GUI wise nicer than Synaptic.

But i really like Shaman’s 2 GUI over Adept.
The only issue atm from what i can see is the silly toolbar with just 2 icons eating a lot of screen estate. Please fix that! Get rid of the toolbar. Incorporate those 2 buttons better / elsewhere in the interface.

I wonder if i would be able to use Shaman2 in Kubuntu Intrepid any time soon now.. hmm…

Comment by Dread Knight

What is Shaman? Is it a package manager? Does it support apt? Does it support yast and rpm?

The screenshot looks great.

And BTW I just upgraded to Kubuntu Intrepid and the new adept sucks!! It regressed a lot. I even preferred the kde3 version. I hope they fix it soon.

Comment by M A

Dread Knight: Yeah you can remove the Toolbar and add the actions to the menu πŸ˜‰ We will add more Toolbar-Buttons on the Program later that it actually makes sense πŸ˜‰

If we get the PackageKit-Plugin ready soon, you will be able to run it on Kubuntu, yes…


Comment by boom1992

@M A: Yeah at the moment, none of the BackendPlugins is really ready, but we’re working on both Alpm (ArchLinux) and Packagekit ones…


Comment by boom1992

So by implementing packagekit you will be implementing all its backends .. nice πŸ™‚

Keep up the good work. Can you give us a timeline when this will appear on distros?

Comment by M A

@M A: I have no clue, we need to finish this first, I guess then there will be packages for a lot of distros…


Comment by boom1992

Good news everyone! You can get some saucy shaman1 goodness with ArchLinux as we speak! =p

Comment by sandsmark

[…] informacion | boom1992 y […]

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looking awesome, keep up the good work =)

Comment by Jami3

Well… when/if you eventually reimpliment the pkgbuild editor in shaman 2… make it easier to get to… perhaps a right click option on the package name? Its rather buried in shaman1, I mean… a button on the menu thats a popup of something in a submenu… I only just found it tonight… I always assumed “build and install que from source” would just spring right into it… my ideal gui for the editor would have an option for saving the modified pkgbuild (and needed files) into a user specified directory, and have a button on the editor screen to start building the package

Comment by G2g591

Yeah we have to do it better, definitely…
In Shaman1 the problem was to not “blow up” the UI, in Shaman2 we have the possibility of disabling/enabling Plugins, so this should be no problem πŸ™‚


Comment by boom1992

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