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Chakra Alpha1 released!
December 21, 2008, 12:17 pm
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Probably some of you know on what the small Development-Team of KDEmod has worked on for over a half year now already! We wanted to keep this under the radar for now, but now as we have our first public release out, we can break the silence. 🙂

We’ve created a LiveCD based on ArchLinux and KDEmod. Additionally we added some tools for easier administration of the installed system.
Chakra includes a nice Installer and even has proprietary graphics drivers installed per default. (There’s also a boot option to only use free drivers btw…)

You can read the release-announcement here. But to remind you, this is an alpha release! So don’t consider it to be 100% stable (but we’ve done our best to make it as stable as possible) and report any bugs and gliches at our Bugtracker.

We hope you enjoy this! You can download it here.


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Congrats, gonna test it when i can, Greetings 🙂

Comment by Maki

Best combination ever! This is what I have always wanted :).

Comment by xSacha

Is it possible to install it on a usb stick?

Comment by jospoortvliet

@jospoortvliet: Mmh I don’t know, I think noone tried it yet. Hope you can test that probably 🙂 Please report any bugs! =)


Comment by boom1992

Great Project, but I don’t like all these names like Powerdevil or Shaman…

Comment by blueget

Thanks for the great christmas present, been waiting for this for a while 🙂 congratulations on the alpha, keep up the good work…

Comment by realitygaps

great to hear. i would be interested in more posts about the project from the team to the planet, like, what let you there, what is going on right now, roadmap for coming releases, where you need help aso.

Comment by jay

@jay: Yeah, we’re planning to open a planet for Chakra-only even, but I will try to get some posts here and there on PlanetKDE as well…
Help is needed anytime 🙂 So just checkout #chakra-devel on freenode-irc


Comment by boom1992

Wow, this looks great! What an awesome Christmas present. Arch rocks even more now!

Comment by AJ Ashton

Chakra is what happens when distro becames big! Arch is big! 😀

Happy holideys! Sorry for bad english…

Comment by Punky

[…] it’s time to come back now . First I want to thank everyone for the great feedback on the first Alpha of our Chakra-LiveCD. The next testing version is coming really […]

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Looks fucking sweet! Very nice logo and installer, i love kde4 and like the nave of the distro as well. Was looking into Archlinux today… but seems a bit “argh” to me. Hoping Chakra will be really pushing things in the right direction 🙂

Comment by Dread Knight

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