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Chakra Alpha1 released!
December 21, 2008, 12:17 pm
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Probably some of you know on what the small Development-Team of KDEmod has worked on for over a half year now already! We wanted to keep this under the radar for now, but now as we have our first public release out, we can break the silence. 🙂

We’ve created a LiveCD based on ArchLinux and KDEmod. Additionally we added some tools for easier administration of the installed system.
Chakra includes a nice Installer and even has proprietary graphics drivers installed per default. (There’s also a boot option to only use free drivers btw…)

You can read the release-announcement here. But to remind you, this is an alpha release! So don’t consider it to be 100% stable (but we’ve done our best to make it as stable as possible) and report any bugs and gliches at our Bugtracker.

We hope you enjoy this! You can download it here.


November 1, 2008, 5:32 pm
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Hey everyone!

It’s actually a lot of time since I wrote my last blog-entry here. 😦 Well what have I done?

I worked on a lot of things, which are mostly not ready yet…

One of the Projects is Shaman2, this is the current state of it:

Not much changed, but we have done a lot of things in the core-library… current I’m working on scripting support 😉

KGet has been enhanced by some minor features, including Enabling/Disabling of Plugins and Hiding/Showing of columns in the TransfersView…

Another Project I am working on is Raptor. Alessandro has blogged about that already, but snce we are all kind of busy with other Projects and getting some things into KDE 4.2, Raptor is idling for some time now already… 😦

So far…


June 22, 2008, 4:37 pm
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Now, as we are short before the Shaman1-Release, Dario and me really began to work on Shaman2. 🙂 The library was worked out in the last weeks already, but at that point, there were no plugins, which used and tested it… that’s solved by now…

What you are seeing here is the PackagesView-Plugin which I worked on the last days 🙂 The displayed content comes from the Alpm-Plugin which is done by Dario and mostly a Backport from Shaman1. I’m pretty excited about the current state of it, Plugins are sooo coooool 😉

Also we decided to twitter =):

This is Dario’s account, this is the one of sandsmark (our hoster) and this is my own one 🙂


Shaman RC1 released
June 7, 2008, 11:02 am
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After just some days from Beta 3, we’re proud to bring you Shaman RC 1. We tried to make this release as bug free as possible, and we’re willing to release Gold in a short time.
Don’t get fooled by the relatively short commit log: there’s more than meets the eye compared to Beta3. All KDE4.1 users will be surely happy to see the huge progress the KRunner and the Plasmoid made. There were also some nice GUI improvements, and we finally fixed the odd sorting by size bug.
Also, we’re string freezed from now on, so please, contribute and translate!

Here comes the whole changelog:

– Better Thread handling when reloading packages view
– Corrected include guards
– Removed introspection in DBus system due to some custom code needed

– Faster startup and no freezes thanks to better Thread Handling
– Avoid Horizontal stretching in Queue Dialog
– Port Messages to Utf8 where possible.
– Fixed sorting by size bug

– Fixed and stabilized for new Plasma API. The Runner now works in KDE4.1

– Added Autocompletion for Packages

Also I started working on Shaman2 🙂 We have the PluginLoading and the library nearly finished… also we’re working on some Plugins now, you can find us at playground/sysadmin/shaman.

Well, Real Life kinda sucked yesterday, I need to recover from it, but I feel better every hour I come away from it. Thanks to all friends in the world and in my town, who helped me a lot…


PS: I will try to set up a longer article about Shaman2 and how to write Plugins in the next week…

Shaman Beta3 and some information about KGet’s Nepomuk-Integration
May 25, 2008, 1:10 pm
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Today only a small update from me:

We released Shaman Beta3 today, you can find the announcement here. There are already 64Bit-Packages in our KDEMod4-Repository, 32Bit-Packages will follow, when funkyou comes back. 🙂

Also there has been a lot of interest in KGet’s Nepomuk-Integration the last day(s). I don’t think that the User-Visible-Part will go into 4.1 (cause we’re in String-Freeze, and some functionality is still missing). But I will enable the non User-Visible-Part for sure, that means: We’re saving the following Properties to Nepomuk:

*Original URL


and we add a Tag called “Downloads”


Scripted Arxin-Plugins and further Development in Shaman
May 23, 2008, 11:41 pm
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It has been a long time since the last Statusupdate from me. Sorry for that ;(

In this time happened very much:

In Arxin we have now scripted Plugins, thanks to Kross and the help of Sebastian Sauer. 🙂

Both Locale- and Hardware-Plugins are scripted in Python. Here the obligatory Screenshot:

Arxin MainWindow with Hardware-Plugin

In Shaman we completed the Plasmoid to release it with Shaman 1.0. This and the Shaman-Runner are both depending on KDE 4.1 since there were major API-Changes and both Dario and me are using it as working System. Expect Beta3 soon 😉

Also we began with the first Development steps of Shaman2. That means: API- and Library-Building, nothing to see yet 😉

And now the best (or “Da bomb” like Dario and me are saying ;)): Shaman2 will be developed in KDE’s playground with the target Extragear. We are pretty amazed about that =)

As our Main-Backend will be PackageKit we got in contact with some Developers of QPackageKit/KPackageKit with the result, that both Frontends will use libqpackagetkit. This means good code sharing and a nice Qt-Styled-API for PackageKit.

In KGet I’ve worked on the Nepomuk-Integration, which is already in SVN, but waits for a fix in Nepomuk itself to get enabled.

Also I began hacking on Raptormenu. My pet-project inside of it is the Tom-Editor, here a Screenshot:

The current Tom-Editor, still work in Progress

(yes, I know, the default text rocks =))

So much for now I hope to see you soon again 🙂



Liquidat asked what exactly the KGet-Nepomuk-Intergration does:

It saves File-Properties, which we already know to it and you can rate or tag the specific File inside the Context-Menu:

KGet\'s Nepomuk-Integration

Shaman in Beta Quality
April 16, 2008, 7:32 pm
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Hey 🙂
A few days ago we released the first beta of Shaman. It was the first time we posted and announced it in Archlinux’s official BBS:
Also we feature freezed it with this release and the next beta will come very soon 😉

Now we started to think about Shaman2, which will be a complete rewrite of it… Shaman2 will be plugin based, both GUI and backend 🙂 So it will be not only the Archlinux-Package-Manager but also the one of Kubuntu or SuSE probably 😉
By the way, we always like to welcome new Developers.

Things on KDEMod are going well too 🙂 We plan to develop a live-cd, some build-scripts are already there! Thanks to Dunkelstern for this. 🙂
Also we switched Arxin from Qt to KDELibs, to have a tighter KDE4-Integration. We plan to support Scripted-Modules through Kross soon.

Ok coming to KGet 😉
I got a lot of things done in my holidays, which are 2,5 weeks away now =/ After it I had some spare time to fix things and polish everything a bit. Currently I’m working on the Nepomuk-Integration, we already save some File-Properties to it in the SVN-Version, but Rating and Tagging was not yet supported. Hope that you all will enjoy that in the future 😉
I don’t think that Multisource-Downloading will be ready for 4.1, we had too less time to test things and to work on it and Manolo is pretty busy at the moment. 😦 But after it I’m sure we will have it integrated very well, at least with Metalink-Plugin, which will be the first Example using multiple Sources in the future.

So, enough for today, hope that I can blog a bit more the next days 😉